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January 19, 2021


I was on a bus as a ten year old with my class. The man standing next to me was racist and looked me right in the eyes and said I should not live in this country. He said it so quietly that no one else heard this. Later on, he compounded the racism by virulently yelling antisemitic remarks to our teacher. The people on the bus collectively yelled at…
February 9, 2020


I've had two instances of separate harassment in the same place. The first happened during the day. Three young men on bikes blocked my path with their backs to me. I didn't think anything of it initially and said excuse me. One of the boys responded sarcastically saying " oh sorry dawg." Then as I walked away he said someone should rape me. The second incident occurred at night when…
Langley City
January 10, 2020


So this morning on the bus, I was riding to a skytrain and guy was looking at me, kinda leering from several seats over. Then a mom and her kid get on and sat next to me. Then he starts a conversation with the mom and moves next to my seat. He's talking to her, but keeps looking at me and is making this face at me that's kinda a…


Letter to an M.V.P.

We become young women who can get across campus in 16 minutes and that’s talking the longer route with slightly better lighting. You run the fastest time in the 4×400 meter, while we run relays in the dark just to make the last bus home. Avoid those overgrown bushes, short skirts, empty lots, broken streetlights, … Continued

Summer – Things are heating up!

We are seeking some summer help around here! While we have no MAJOR campaigns planned this summer, we could use some help with blogging, social media, and doing Good Night out Audits. If you are into any / all of the following: Feminism, activism, live music, writing, grrl power, music festivals, DIY, urban planning, LGBTQ … Continued