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East Side
November 29, 2016

New Submission from N, D, and…

Okay so the incident took place on July 29th at a trans march in Clark park. That was the meeting point and everyone was waiting around and getting signs ready before it started. My brother, my friend and I were standing near the back talking when a person on a bike approached us pointing at my brothers sign. They started off right away by getting mad at us asking if…
November 29, 2016

New Submission from M

I had just come out of Save-On and was walking past the bus stop as a load of passengers got off. The sidewalk narrows just at the point where two men were standing, a younger one seemingly asking for something, the other older, ignoring him and staring at his phone. As I squeezed by on the curb, the younger one finished his conversation or whatever with the older one, stood…
November 29, 2016

New Submission from N

In May I was sexually harassed on public transit several times within a week, one of those times a man very pointedly put his finger right on my clit when I was trying to prevent myself from losing my balance during a sudden break. After almost five months on my bike, I was back on transit on Saturday night and got a big welcome back with yet another sexual harassment…


Letter to an M.V.P.

We become young women who can get across campus in 16 minutes and that’s talking the longer route with slightly better lighting. You run the fastest time in the 4×400 meter, while we run relays in the dark just to make the last bus home. Avoid those overgrown bushes, short skirts, empty lots, broken streetlights, … Continued

Summer – Things are heating up!

We are seeking some summer help around here! While we have no MAJOR campaigns planned this summer, we could use some help with blogging, social media, and doing Good Night out Audits. If you are into any / all of the following: Feminism, activism, live music, writing, grrl power, music festivals, DIY, urban planning, LGBTQ … Continued