I.A.’s Story

I was with my female partner at the time when we got off the Skytrain. Two guys, I believe it was after a BC Lions Game, ran up behind us and slapped me on the ass. When I screamed in shock and pain (I had a red welt on my rear end for days), one made a sexual gesture towards us and started making fun of us for being in a lesbian relationship while his friend laughed at us.

My partner at the time ran up to them and hit one of them on the ass like they had done to me & said not to touch me. Another man ran up behind us and yelled at them. He helped us call 911 and we crossed Commercial Dr. and followed them back up the escalator back towards the original station we were at. The transit police caught one of them and waited until the VPD showed up.

While they were speaking to one of the guys, the other one came up behind us and pleaded for us not to press charges because they were on their way to see the other one’s girlfriend & she would be mad. We asked him how his friend would feel if his girlfriend had been slapped on the ass by a random stranger and then treated the way we were treated. The police saw the second man speaking to us and arrested him too. We said we wanted to press charges for assault and they took our statements.

This would have been a positive ending to the story, but two months later I was contacted by one of the officers while I was at work and was told that I should drop the charges otherwise the other two men were going to press charges against my ex-partner for slapping one of them back. They were both large males… my partner at the time was only 5’5″ and around 110 pounds. I was so shocked and worried that I would put my ex at risk so I dropped the charges.

I realize now that was inappropriate of the officer to contact me with that request and I should have followed through with the charges. It is something I regret immensely.

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