Anne’s Story

I was walking home around 9pm and passed by the Legion at the corner of Alma & Broadway.


There are often people smoking around the building, but they usually don’t bother you. Tonight though, one man called at me, “Hey pretty girl.” I ignored him and kept walking.


A few second later I heard him several feet behind me say “Is that a pinky ring or a wedding ring?” I picked up my pace then because I realized that he had begun to follow me. He called after me things like, “Don’t ignore me. That’s not nice. I know you hear me.” He was still following me when I reached the end of the block, so I spun around and snapped at him that it was none of his goddamn business (what kind of ring it was). He followed me a few more steps and muttered something about me being a “dirty girl” before turning around and heading (presumably) back to the bar.

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