Cab Story from S.F

I called a cab to pick me up at my house and take me to a show at the Biltmore.
About 3 minutes into the ride, the driver asked if I was an “escort.” I had him repeat the question 3 times, as I was not sure I heard him right. The third time he said “Prostitute. I can pay you for sex?”
I said no you cant, nor can you ask women that while you are driving them around.

I called the company from my cell phone. The guy at the cab company was not very helpful—he claimed there wasn’t a manager available but he could put me through to the complaint voicemail. I said I didn’t think it was appropriate that the cabbie be soliciting women for sex while on the job – the guy told me to call 911 if I felt unsafe. Frustrated, I said I wouldn’t be paying for a cab, and hung up.
The driver started to apologize, begging me to not call the manager, saying that I’d misunderstood. He said that his wife and kids would suffer if he got suspended. I asked him to please not talk to me and to just get me to the show. He did not stop trying to convince me that I misunderstood.
I asked him again to stop talking, and he didn’t, so I told him I was getting out. He said that not paying for the cab is fine if I promise not to tell. I said I was telling, not paying, and got out of the cab. He followed me slowly and ask me not to tell, before taking off.

The next day I made a formal complaint with the cab company, as well as opened a police file, and gave a statement and the file number to the section of the VPD that deals with taxis. The officer from that department was very very kind and helpful.