What’s Your Number?

April is home to International Anti Street Harassment Week, which runs April 12-19th.  Here in Vancouver we are kicking it up a notch and running multiple events all month long – turning April into our BIGGEST MONTH YET!  We have campaigns, art shows, and an exciting collaboration to announce in the next 2 weeks!


We are going to start by telling you all about our “What’s your Number?” Campaign …


What’s Your Number? will enable people to record the frequency and emotions involved with street  harassment for 24 hours. Clickers (or counters) will be distributed to initial participants along with a  blank notebook. For 24 hours, they will click twice for direct street harassment, and once for an  indirect impact. These indirect impacts can include negative feelings attributed to abuse, witness situations, or crossing the street to avoid potentially harmful interactions. Participants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to come forward.  Once you have completed your 24 hours with the clicker – you record your number, and pass the sketchbook and clicker to a friend, co worker, or even random interested person.

The clickers and sketch books are going to be circulating for 2 weeks beginning April 12.  In order to showcase the process behind What’s Your Number?, we will be hosting an art show on April 30th at 7pm!  This will be a free event extended to the community at-large. Part education, part creative and part party, this night will get  everyone together in a comfortable space to talk about the effects of street harassment and – most  importantly – what can be done. Join the Hollaback team, participants and community engagers at this event for drinks, music, art, and activism!


Watch our facebook for more details about the art show!

If you are interested in carrying a clicker for 24 hours –  please email us at [email protected]



More info about what to do once you have the clicker can be found here!

FAQ whats your number




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