“I was headed to work on the bus. I was listening to music with my headphones and sitting in the row of seats where you face each other. I was the only sitting on the row and the rest of the seats were empty. A much older man got on and he sat in the seat beside me ( really? who does that). I tried to move as far over and away from him, but I really had no room. He gradually spread his legs more apart to take up even more room. Then he kinda put his hand partly on his leg and partly on mine. I was wearing shorts. It wasn’t an accident.


I bolted up and rang the bell on got off the bus as fast as I could. I was late for work. I wish I would have freaked out on him more, now that I type this.”


Rose* , 18.



Summer is fast approaching. Public transit at this time of the year is hot, often crowded, and has unfortunately at times creepy people. But we need transit! We need to get to the beach, pool, summer job, summer class, concert, picnic in the park and all the other fun things that come with nice weather. It’s because of stories like Rose’s that we are continuing our work with Metro Vancouver Transit Police and bringing you “Transit Tuesdays”. Our joint event at Commercial Broadway SkyTrain Station for Anti Street Harassment Week in April went so well thatwe wouldn’t dare stop working to raise awareness about harassment on transit, just yet.


Every Tuesday in the summer, expect stories, tips on reporting, stats, polls and other helpful information to help make transit safer and more comfortable for everyone.



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