Riding the Heat Wave

As we approach the first of July, just days into summer, BC finds itself in the midst of a heat wave.

You know what’s nice about the heat?  The satisfaction  that things like shade, swimming, patios,  cold brew coffee and Popsicles can bring.
You know what isn’t so nice about the heat?  How stressful it can be thinking about skin cancer, drought, the receding Arctic ice shelf, our forests becoming a tinder box, and dogs being left in cars .
You know what straight up sucks about the heat? Shedding layers in the name of thermoregulation, only to have to deal with comments from creeps reacting to the exposed skin.
While this is relevant to a lot of people reading (and sweating)  right now, what does it have to do  with this weeks Transit Tuesday?  Well we know that incidents of street harassment increase with the temperatures   – this includes harassment and sexual offending on hot, crowded buses and skytrains.
As people make their way to the beach, picnic or other Canada Day celebration tonight and tomorrow  – We want to encourage people to look out for one another.
If you see something that doesn’t look right, creeps you out our make you uncomfortable on one of the busiest days for transit, remember the 4 D’s:
Direct Response –   ” Hey – you are being inappropriate right now and you need to stop it “
Distract – If you see someone who looks like they are uncomfortable – cause a distraction – pretend you know them, offer to trade them spots or burst into song.
Delegate – sending a message to Transit Police Text reporting at 87 77 77 is a great way to get someone else to deal with the problem.
Delay – don’t leave without checking in with the person to make sure the person being targeted  is OK
 Seriously it’s hard to imagine anything worse than sweltering on the 99, while someone is acting inappropriately, and NO ONE doing anything about it.
Let’s not let that happen. When you intervene, you don’t just change the outcome for that situation, you also help change the culture of silence surrounding this normalized behavior AND you make the ride on transit a little more comfortable for everyone.
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