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Here we are ….another Transit Tuesday!

There are plenty of things about this campaign that make us happy. For example, the potential for a safer transit system,  or a chance to engage more of the community in our work to fight street harassment. Today,  logging onto our social media , I am the most excited about how this campaign has people talking about street harassment.

Historically harassment against women in the public domain ( i.e. streets, buses, trains) has gone unchecked. While there are polices to discourage work place harassment, it is much more difficult to police harassment in shared public spaces. Hollaback! rose out of frustration about this, and a desire to draw attention to how unacceptable street harassment is.  Similarly, Transit Tuesdays reflects a shared goal to take sexual offending and safety on transit seriously.

So….How can you have your voice heard?

Share your story of street harassment in Vancouver on the Hollaback! app

Report anything that makes you feel unsafe on transit to 87-77-77

Remember, Street Harassment takes many forms. Some examples are :

      Comments about someone’s appearance, gender, sexual orientation, etc ·       Vulgar Gestures ·       Sexually Explicit Comments (e.g., “Hey baby, I’d like a piece of that”) ·       Leering ·       Whistling ·       Barking ·       Kissing Noises ·       Following someone ·       Flashing someone or exposing oneself ·       Blocking someone’s path ·       Sexual touching or grabbing (e.g., touching someone’s legs, breasts or      butt) ·       Public masturbation

Join the #transittuesday conversation on twitter  @hollabackvan @TransitPolice

Particpate in the weekly polls on facebook.






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