Tune in to these Transit Tuesday Videos!

Transit Tuesday is here again!  Today we are sharing some videos that take a look at harassment

In 2013 Hollaback! Philly ( Now Feminist Public Works) ran an advertising campaign on Philadelphia  trains to address harassment and sexual offending on transit.

The video  below shows team members seeing the ads for the first time and talking to riders about them. What do you think of ads like this on the train? Do you find it effective? Is it a good way to reach bystanders or potential harassers?  Tell us what you think on twitter with the #transittuesday hashtag  @hollabackvan @ TransitPolice



This short video from the Vancouver Transit Police shows how easy it is to send a text message to 87-77-77  reporting harassment, creeps or anything else of concern on transit :



And finally.  A really awesome music video from Seattle band Tacocat  talking back to street harassers!  Perhaps next time you need to use the Distraction technique you can bust out this!





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