How do you intervene?

And we are back with another #transittuesday!

Summer is wrapping up ( sad, isn’t it?) so it is a good time to review the 4 D’s of Bystander Intervention.  If you witness what looks like harassment while on the bus or skytrain (or anywhere actually)  you have the power to intervene in one of 4 ways:

DIRECT –  saying something like ” Hey. What you are doing is harassment and you need to stop.”

DISTRACT – do something that takes the attention off the target. Offer to trade them seats, ask the harasser the time, or break into song

DELEGATE – This is the easiest way to do something when you see anything that causes you concern- find someone else to deal with it. An example of this is using the text reporting feature. Text all the details of the situation to 87 -77-77 and Metro Vancouver Transit Police will do the work.

DELAY – this is an opportunity to stick around and check in with the person who was on the receiving end of inappropriate behavior. It’s as simple as making eye contact with them or asking if they are ok or need any other assistance.


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We will end this weeks post with a great example of Distraction :




What’s your preffered method of bystander intervention?



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