Sky train ride

I was travelling around 1 am in the morning from commercial to Granville station. The sky train stopped and precisely in the one cubicle in front of me there was a man (18-20, 5’6″, thin) the rest of the sky train was empty except for that one. I felt scared to show him how uncomfortable I felt being by myself with him. I sat far from him on the other side by the window and close to the emergency cord. He followed to sit down next to me when the sky train started to move. I moved towards looking at the window with my legs facing that way. He looked at me and said “you want to blow” I did not understand what he meant if whether he meant a blow job or cocaine either way I got very stressed out my body shrank and started shaking I knew I wasn’t safe. He said ” you look afraid, you shouldn’t be” I looked to him and said “I am fine, just tired” we then made small talk to seem like everything was fine. When I got off the sky train I ran towards the street between Georgia and Granville he followed me and asked me if I had a fare saver I said yes gave it to him. He grabbed my face and forced himself into kissing my lips. I screamed because I thought he was going to hurt me and he ran to catch his bus. I felt very bad to judge his intentions and felt guilty for misunderstanding his intentions. It is only now that I understand no matter what his intentions were he knew I was afraid and he knew touching me and coming that close is not acceptable ever!