Valentine Winners Part 2!

As promised, here are the other 2 winners in our  Feminist Valentines Contest!

Remember you can buy all four and some other goodies for 10 dollars! Email [email protected] to place your order in time for Valentines day! We will have them in a few local stores by the end of the week as well.


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Be my Cyber Valentine by Stephanie Watson
You can see more of Stephanies Radness over on the social justice site she runs –
I entered the contest because I adore anything Valentines Day themed that doesn’t conform too strictly to tradition, because V-Day should be for platonic love and not just romantic love. My font and design were riot grrrl inspired, and though I wanted the poem to be cute and funny, I also wanted it to have a feminist message to it; and fighting bigotry on social media is something we can all team up to do.





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Roses are Red…Arianna Mao

 Facebook :bellewetherart
Arianna Mao is a Vancouverite, illustrator, and sassinator who rocks her resting bitch face with pride. She’s currently working on (among many many things) a short comic about inexorably falling in love with a best friend, miniature portraits of people done in acrylic, and a series of nerdy, weird and awkward Valentine’s Day cards (see facebook page!).
She created this card so that you can have a lovely poem to give someone who demands that you show them your lovely smile.



Seriously – how much do you love these?? Like we said we received SO MANY rad entries that we are putting more up on the site to download on Friday, because there were so many skilled submissions that we want them all out there.


Remember you can buy these 4 by emailing us at [email protected] We confirm the list of stores selling them by Friday.



PLEASE BE CHILL and if you share the images of the winners  – give credit to the artists and context – so that people see the work that Hollaback! is doing to address street harassment, and maybe want to join our posse! 



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