New submission from c !!

i was walking back from the grocery store wearing sweat pants and a winter jacket and blue knit tuk. nothing in the slightest provacative. not that its ok to harass anyone but still. no makeup. looked like crap. running grocery errands.

well an older guy walking a bike wearing a yellow sweater, looked kinda scraggly was walking past and he side stepped to get in my way. i without stopping side stepped away but he still tried to get close to me as he said “looking sexy sweetie”. with a huge grin on his face. i kept going and told him to stfu.
this happends all the time. i hate that i get this crap even when im dressed down. i feel like i cant go for late night walks or dress pretty. i can never wear heels or a hot dress because im always paraniod about what comments i might get or what could happen…