New Submission : Please do not tap on glass


In this street harassment story, I was apparently presumed by a group of construction workers to be on the same level as a zoo animal on the other side of a piece of glass. They were eating lunch at a table by a window at a place called Yummy Teriyaki. I was running an errand on my lunch break, and as I walked by I heard a ‘tap tap tap’ on the window. Naturally, I instinctively look over, and I see this group of men sneering at me. I immediately looked away and crossed the street ASAP, but this instance has truly irked me for a while and I wish I’d handled it differently. The fact that they felt perfectly okay tapping on a restaurant window to make me look at them, literally as if I were some non-human creature on display for their pleasure, makes my blood boil. I wish I had walked in, told them I’m a human with intelligent thought and not a creature (and heck! It’s not even okay to treat zoo creatures like that! People put up signs about it! ), and rip the table cloth up from under their plates, throwing their food all over them, then walk out the door. If I ever end up in that situation again, this animal is going to bite back.