New submission from c!

So this is interesting because 2 years ago i wouldn’t have had the awareness of what this sutuation was or the realization of it.
I was walking home carrying heavy groceries. I am a 39 year old woman. I was wearing sunglasses and had earbuds in and clearly not to be dusturbed as i carried my heavy bags.
I passed two young boys, maybe 10 years old. As I passed , one of them reached over and jumped up and physically smacked the back of my head. Then they both ran off laughing as i screamed that they were f’ing idiots. No I wasn’t hurt and no i wasn’t going to drop my groceries to chase after them but here’s my point. These are 2 children that are male that feel perfectly confortable invading my personal space and touching my body. Do you think either of them would have done that to a man? I think not. I think that kid saw me carrying heavy groceries and knew I wouldn’t likely chase him. I think he knew that based on my closed offness , sunglasses and earbuds, that I didnt want to interact. And yet he still felt comfortable enough to violate my personal space and assault me. What happends when he’s 15 or 20. Will he be out there forcing himself on women or touching a date inappropriately without consent? How does that happen? where does that start? well… it starts with street harassment and assaulting women…when you are 10 years old. think about that.What’s even worse is that I posted this story on my facebook and none of my friends had anything to say. they will like and comment on cat videos until thier fingers bleed but something important like this. me being assalted. my whole day ruined. and being violated gets zero attention. i now have to be extra cautious around male boys when walking home…