New Submission Cambie Creeper

At the bar (the cambie) with a girlfriend. He comes and sits with us uninvited. Wont leave us alone eveb after polite hints. He strokes my friends hair and shoulder uninvited. Evantually goes away when a male friend shows up but when our male friend leaves he comes back. I tell him he cant touch people without permission. He says in my world maybe but not his. Try and talk to him about street harrasment, he says he regularly hits on random girls on the street. Refuses to acknoweldge there might be something wrong with that. Says I dont know how hard it is to be a a man on the street (because girls dont want to talk to him? Because “girls get sex easier than guys”?) I tell him straight up leave I dont want to talk to you. tries to get the bouncer to kick us out for being unfriendly.