New submission from Z!

Oh fuck I’m having the worst experience on the bus some big bro white guy was spreading and i asked him to move he didn’t and I put the bottom of my foot against his leg (the part of his leg than was on my seat. I do this often with spreaders and they usually see what’s happening and move their leg), but he immediately grabbed my foot and started moving it. I screamed at him to not touch me and he started on a rant about how I’m doing a ‘feminist militant thing’ and starting shoving his phone camera in my face. I was ignoring him until he spread farther and farther and pushed out out of my seat and he kept saying ‘you touched me first’ and recording the whole thing. I’m not worried about the video, I was I the right, but I am trembling and feel like I’m going to start crying. Anyway just had to vent. I didn’t want to fight any more. I just want to get to work in one piece.