New submission from N,D and L

Okay so the incident took place on July 29th at a trans march in Clark park. That was the meeting point and everyone was waiting around and getting signs ready before it started. My brother, my friend and I were standing near the back talking when a person on a bike approached us pointing at my brothers sign. They started off right away by getting mad at us asking if we meant what was written on our signs, signs literally saying I was there in support of a trans sibling and my brothers sign said “dismantle the patriarchy” Seeing as we were at trans March obviously we meant it so we said that, which made them get louder accusing of us lying because we were wearing shirts? I didn’t really want to argue so I tried saying we had to go but they kept yelling at us. The next rant was how we were suppressing our femininity because we were wearing shirts and how that means we support fascism if that makes sense. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for free
Nipple but the shirt thing turned into them basically harassing my younger brother( and also misgendering him) they were trying to get him to take his shirt off and it started as them saying “I invite you to take your shirt off” which then quickly turned into them demanding him to. My brother was getting visibly uncomfortable so I piped up saying he didn’t want to and also maybe the fact that he’s a minor it’s concerning that you’re trying to force him. That set the person off, saying thats a lie that government made and then proceeded to say that they were Abraham himself and God talks to
Him and it just got to be so much we kind of just panicked and left. They were getting in our faces and yelling so I didn’t really know what else to do.
I’m writing this because I saw a picture online of them which I’ve saved and am posting with this.We also saw them at pride too, they didn’t see us again but they were ranting and yelling at other people. I’m just hoping that someone else might know anything about this person and hopefully something will come of this because I don’t want someone else to have to deal with that, they never physically touched us but it was still scary and intimidating.