New Submission from M

I had just come out of Save-On and was walking past the bus stop as a load of passengers got off.
The sidewalk narrows just at the point where two men were standing, a younger one seemingly asking for something, the other older, ignoring him and staring at his phone.
As I squeezed by on the curb, the younger one finished his conversation or whatever with the older one, stood in my way so I had the choice of either stepping into oncoming traffic or stopping face to face with him.
He leaned right into me(his upper body in contact with my shoulder and arm) and said,”Mmm, very pretty.” I did not respond or react, and tried to keep going. He then said, “But kind of snobby.”
I have been “complimented” on my physical appearance in very vulgar terms so many times and never have said anything-but for some reason this relatively innocent comment made me very angry. I told him to leave me alone, and kept walking very quickly to the intersection.
As I walked away, he started to yell. “You f*cking bitch!(repeatedly)”Your tampon in wrong you f*cking c*nt! You need a f*cking f*ck you f*cking dyke!” and on and on and on, walking backwards through the crowd of pedestrians and gesturing at me(as I could see when I had to stop for the red light and looked to be sure he was not following me).
He continued until I had crossed the road-at least,I could no longer hear him.
During the whole exchange, the older(not old, just older than the Yeller, who was probably twenty)man he had originally been talking to, stood staring at me, about five feet away, and did absolutely nothing.(I say “nothing”, but when I looked directly at him, he did look down at his phone.) Most of the pedestrians, including many women, turned to glare at ME!
Usually I take things in stride, and much more offensive things have been said to me, but for some reason this really made me shake.
He’s about 5’7, white, young and muscular, with brown hair.