New Submission – Afternoon Harassment

So awhile ago i went to get a cup of coffee from starbucks a block away from where i live and go back to my apartment. so literally a block away.
As im about to cross the street back to my house, a guy with two friends, one male, one, female, was standing close to me abd said with drunken slurred speech, “i like your hat”.
i could tell he was drunk by his speech and bloodshot eyes so i wearily answered, “thanks”.
I then looked ahead and stood there silently waiting for the light to change. as the light went green and i started walking, he suddenly told me i was a ” fing c..t. ”
i didn’t care that we were in the middle of the street. i stopped dead in my tracks and turned abd screamed loud, what the f did you just call me?! he stopped dead in his tracks too and for a split second i could see the shock on his face. then he got defensive and started to slur more stuff at me and his friends held him back. the male friend told me he was drunk and to relax, which of course i just love being told to relax,(intense sarcasm). i said yeah, he sure is drunk…and walked away. I was livid. I can’t even leave my apartment and go a single block away without being harassed. this is the world we live in. And it was afternoon. broad daylight. so its not even like i was in a club district after hours where you can expect drunk morons to be all over, ya know?