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New submission from N,D and L

Okay so the incident took place on July 29th at a trans march in Clark park. That was the meeting point and everyone was waiting around and getting signs ready before it started. My brother, my friend and I were standing near the back talking when a person on a bike approached us pointing at … Continued

Sophia’s Story

I used to work at one of the shoe stores at the Guildford mall in Surrey. As regular procedure goes, we were required to adjust the shoes on display, clean the shelves, etc. using a small step stool. One of the evenings when I was working near closing time, I was stretching my arms to … Continued

Unsolicited Solicits

Sexually harassed at work by a 70-80 year old customer (male) who instructed me to leave my phone number with his card. When I told him I’m married, he said in a faux-whisper that he’ll find ways to get around that. [got_back]

Nat’s Story

I was waiting for my order in a restaurant on West Broadway. My seat was at a table near the window. A man walking by stopped and knocked on the window to get my attention. I could barely hear what he was saying, but he was pointing at himself and then at a seat opposite … Continued

Erin’s Story

I went to a party at the Pit, and had to stay at an acquaintance’s dorm with one of my female friends. She left¬†with a¬†roommate and I was stuck sleeping in the common room. One of the roommates kept coming out of his room and trying to feel me up and get me to go … Continued

GC’s Story

It was a warm summer night in 2012 and I was attending a birthday party at Celebrities Night Club. I was looking fresh, well groomed and wearing a muscle shirt. While I was standing at the bar, I noticed two men lustfully staring at me. One of them was nibbling on his index finger in … Continued