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New Submission – Afternoon Harassment

So awhile ago i went to get a cup of coffee from starbucks a block away from where i live and go back to my apartment. so literally a block away. As im about to cross the street back to my house, a guy with two friends, one male, one, female, was standing close to … Continued

New submission from N,D and L

Okay so the incident took place on July 29th at a trans march in Clark park. That was the meeting point and everyone was waiting around and getting signs ready before it started. My brother, my friend and I were standing near the back talking when a person on a bike approached us pointing at … Continued

New submission from N

In May I was sexually harassed on public transit several times within a week, one of those times a man very pointedly put his finger right on my clit when I was trying to prevent myself from losing my balance during a sudden break. After almost five months on my bike, I was back on … Continued

New Submission : Please do not tap on glass

  In this street harassment story, I was apparently presumed by a group of construction workers to be on the same level as a zoo animal on the other side of a piece of glass. They were eating lunch at a table by a window at a place called Yummy Teriyaki. I was running an … Continued

Humiliated and Violated

Today at about 7:00 I was walking home from my friends house and crossing the street at the lights. When I was walking across a boy yelled out the window “Matt wants to fuck you!” What made it worse was I recognized the boy and his friends from the school I recently graduated from. They … Continued

IA’s Story

I was walking up Cordova Street passed a line-up consisting of little pockets of guys grouped together. I am totally comfortable walking in the Downtown Eastside compared to most places in Vancouver but I felt a little uncomfortable as a man with his friends was leaning against the wall and eyeing me up and down. … Continued

Unsolicited Solicits

Sexually harassed at work by a 70-80 year old customer (male) who instructed me to leave my phone number with his card. When I told him I’m married, he said in a faux-whisper that he’ll find ways to get around that. [got_back]

Hot, Angry, Frustrated

For the fifth time today, I experienced verbal street harassment. This all took place within three hours after I finished work. I am, needless to say, hot, angry, and frustrated. In this particular instance, a man leaning casually against a church wall chirped “quiero, quiero,” meaning “I want.” Not wanting to incite any further notice … Continued