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New Submission – Afternoon Harassment

So awhile ago i went to get a cup of coffee from starbucks a block away from where i live and go back to my apartment. so literally a block away. As im about to cross the street back to my house, a guy with two friends, one male, one, female, was standing close to … Continued

New Submission – He Doesn’t Care

After a concert me and my friend where walking down the street when a man grabs my friends arm as we walk by to stop her and says “hey” she is flustered and I tell him how its not ok to grab people. He doesnt care.     [got_back]

New submission from c!

So this is interesting because 2 years ago i wouldn’t have had the awareness of what this sutuation was or the realization of it. I was walking home carrying heavy groceries. I am a 39 year old woman. I was wearing sunglasses and had earbuds in and clearly not to be dusturbed as i carried … Continued

Sky train ride

I was travelling around 1 am in the morning from commercial to Granville station. The sky train stopped and precisely in the one cubicle in front of me there was a man (18-20, 5’6″, thin) the rest of the sky train was empty except for that one. I felt scared to show him how uncomfortable … Continued

Sexual harassment

A man sexually harassed me at the Met and both the bartender and my friends had to get the creep away from me

Creep on Seymour

I was waiting for a ride in the early hours of the morning when I noticed a male standing across the street from me. It was quite dark out but it looked like he was peeing. I quickly realized that he was actually partially turned away from me, though staring at me and masturbating. I … Continued

“I was headed to work on the bus. I was listening to music with my headphones and sitting in the row of seats where you face each other. I was the only sitting on the row and the rest of the seats were empty. A much older man got on and he sat in the … Continued

Natalie’s Story

It was 4 am, and I just ended a long day of work. This night at work had been mentally exhausting and I was ready to make my way home, crawl into bed and pass out for days. Granville at this hour is a really strange place, especially if you’re sober. When I first started … Continued