Category: assault

Kirsten’s Story

I had gotten onto the 99 B Line at the South Granville stop heading home to Main St at rush hour. Now, as an anxious person I always have had to mentally prepare myself for the discomfort of being packed so tightly onto this route but as a Vancouverite it’s something I’ve learned to deal … Continued

Erin’s Story

I went to a party at the Pit, and had to stay at an acquaintance’s dorm with one of my female friends. She left¬†with a¬†roommate and I was stuck sleeping in the common room. One of the roommates kept coming out of his room and trying to feel me up and get me to go … Continued

I.A.’s Story

I was with my female partner at the time when we got off the Skytrain. Two guys, I believe it was after a BC Lions Game, ran up behind us and slapped me on the ass. When I screamed in shock and pain (I had a red welt on my rear end for days), one … Continued

GC’s Story

It was a warm summer night in 2012 and I was attending a birthday party at Celebrities Night Club. I was looking fresh, well groomed and wearing a muscle shirt. While I was standing at the bar, I noticed two men lustfully staring at me. One of them was nibbling on his index finger in … Continued

Lillie’s story

In 2005 I flew to Sydney, Australia with a friend to hit up a year of sunshine. In a wonderful twist of fate, we arrived as Pride was kicking off. It was the first time I’d been to a Pride Parade and Sydney’s was an amazing first. I remember the drag queens in their finest … Continued