Category: street

Natalie’s Story

It was 4 am, and I just ended a long day of work. This night at work had been mentally exhausting and I was ready to make my way home, crawl into bed and pass out for days. Granville at this hour is a really strange place, especially if you’re sober. When I first started … Continued

IA’s Story

I was walking up Cordova Street passed a line-up consisting of little pockets of guys grouped together. I am totally comfortable walking in the Downtown Eastside compared to most places in Vancouver but I felt a little uncomfortable as a man with his friends was leaning against the wall and eyeing me up and down. … Continued

Hot, Angry, Frustrated

For the fifth time today, I experienced verbal street harassment. This all took place within three hours after I finished work. I am, needless to say, hot, angry, and frustrated. In this particular instance, a man leaning casually against a church wall chirped “quiero, quiero,” meaning “I want.” Not wanting to incite any further notice … Continued

We See Something and We’re Saying Something

“If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s wrong. Not reporting sexual assault is the real shame. Nobody should touch, gesture, or say anything that makes you uncomfortable or unsafe.” This is the text from a See Something Say Something Campaign, the real-time, easy-to-use, confidential, texting initiative launched in April by the Vancouver transit police. Transit users can report harassment by texting 87-77-77 … Continued

Nat’s Story

I was waiting for my order in a restaurant on West Broadway. My seat was at a table near the window. A man walking by stopped and knocked on the window to get my attention. I could barely hear what he was saying, but he was pointing at himself and then at a seat opposite … Continued

Erin’s Story

I was out for an afternoon, weekend ride on my road bike heading west along Lougheed Highway, slowing for the red light at Lake City Way and Lougheed. A muscle car with two middle-aged meatheads pulled up slowly beside me in the right hand turning lane, luring, yelling disgusting things, then asked if I needed a ride. … Continued

Toby’s Story

I got yelled at from a car full of young guys stopped in traffic on the bridge heading to Kitsilano. I had nowhere to go and the traffic wasn’t moving, so I kept walking with my head down. The man in the passenger seat hollered at me repeatedly, along with his friends in the back … Continued

Anon’s Story

Stopped by an older man who was wanted to pet my dog. He commented how friendly my dog is, then started stroking my arm and asking how friendly I am when someone pets me. I walked away immediately. [got_back]

Long Boarder’s story

I went out long boarding because it was a sunny day. I usually board up and down my street for fun. I sat down on my board for a short break and a red car passed full of guys in their 20s or 30s. They honked multiple times as they passed. I’m 14… [got_back]