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Hollaback! Vancouver and Metro Vancouver Transit Police team up to help end harassment on transit

  Part of ending street harassment is being an active bystander. As we approach Anti-Street Harassment Week, Hollaback! Vancouver and Metro Vancouver Transit Police (Transit Police) challenge you to do just that. April 13 is the official launch of an exciting new partnership between Hollaback! Vancouver and Transit Police which endeavours to raise awareness about … Continued

Kirsten’s Story

I had gotten onto the 99 B Line at the South Granville stop heading home to Main St at rush hour. Now, as an anxious person I always have had to mentally prepare myself for the discomfort of being packed so tightly onto this route but as a Vancouverite it’s something I’ve learned to deal … Continued

We Saw Something. We Said Something. They Heard Us.

Anne Drennan of the Vancouver Transit Police (VTP) called Shannon Fisher, Hollaback! Vancouver Team Lead, last night to apologize and say that the VTP will have the victim-shaming ads down by the end of the week as train cars return to service yards. Anne spent the day calling everyone who complained about the ads to apologize for … Continued

Geo’s Story

I was on the bus coming home from work and sat a couple seats away from 3 intoxicated men. One of them yelled, “Hey, you’re cute! Can I have a hug?” When I declined, he continued to try to force me into engaging in conversation. When I continued to ignore him, he sat in the seat next … Continued

I.A.’s Story

I was with my female partner at the time when we got off the Skytrain. Two guys, I believe it was after a BC Lions Game, ran up behind us and slapped me on the ass. When I screamed in shock and pain (I had a red welt on my rear end for days), one … Continued

Rem’s story

I was waiting at a bus stop with few people around at about 7pm on a weekday. I was looking in my bag for something, when I heard someone shouting ‘Ola!’ from a few feet away. I looked up to find the passenger in a moving company van staring my way and gesturing at me. … Continued