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New Submission

I’ve had a wide range of experiences with street harassment, from so-called “compliments” to drunk randos telling me I was unworthy. The latter is the kind of street harassment that doesn’t get talked about. It should. When I was 23 years old, I moved into my first real apartment. It was exhilarating. One morning in … Continued

New Submission

So last year, while I was going to my old apartment to have it professionally cleaned and then meet the property manager to get my deposit back, I got into the elevator and there was a guy there. scruffy male, blond hair blue eyes and I waited for him to fob the floor to ensure … Continued

New Submission

I was walking home tonight (1am Thursday Nov 24, 2016) from the bus stop by the PNE and a male in a black vehicle (I think it was an suv, might have been a mini van, it was shiney like a newer model) rolled to a slow stop and watched me cross the road, then … Continued

New submission from J A

around 6pm, man yells at me from behind as I’m waiting to cross the street, “Run bitch, before you lose your pussy or your purse” I ignore the situation as usual and cannot cross yet, another man waiting to cross looks more alarmed at what has happened but says/does nothing [got_back]

Letter to an M.V.P.

We become young women who can get across campus in 16 minutes and that’s talking the longer route with slightly better lighting. You run the fastest time in the 4×400 meter, while we run relays in the dark just to make the last bus home. Avoid those overgrown bushes, short skirts, empty lots, broken streetlights, … Continued

New submission from Z!

Oh fuck I’m having the worst experience on the bus some big bro white guy was spreading and i asked him to move he didn’t and I put the bottom of my foot against his leg (the part of his leg than was on my seat. I do this often with spreaders and they usually … Continued

Regarding the trial of Jian Ghomeshi

Regarding the trial of Jian Ghomeshi   Hollaback! Canada joint statement   21 April 2016     We believe people who share their stories We stand in solidarity with Lucy DeCoutere, Linda Redgrave, and others who have bravely shared their stories. We stand with Kathryn Borel, Reva Seth, Zoe Kazan, and anyone else who has … Continued

New Submission Cambie Creeper

At the bar (the cambie) with a girlfriend. He comes and sits with us uninvited. Wont leave us alone eveb after polite hints. He strokes my friends hair and shoulder uninvited. Evantually goes away when a male friend shows up but when our male friend leaves he comes back. I tell him he cant touch … Continued

New Submission – Witnessed on the bus

A man keeps asking a women on the bus questions when she is obviously uncomfertable and is trying to listen to music. Asks her where she works, then the adress, then what time she gets off, if anyone picks her up, you see where this is going.   [got_back]