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Anti Street Harassment Week 2016 Press Release

April 7th, 2016 For immediate release:   Local Organizations Hollaback and Good Night Out Celebrate International Anti-Street Harassment Week Join sister organizations Hollaback Vancouver and Good Night Out Vancouver as they celebrate 2016’s International Anti-Street Harassment Week by bringing art, awareness and safe party culture to our city. Hollaback Vancouver will be hosting two body … Continued

New submission from b – Calling all Langara students

This is a call to all Langara students! Have you recently witnessed and/or experienced being approached by a young  male you don’t know who then proceeds to tell you how pretty you you are, asks you out on a date, puts his arm around you, and is extremely persistent? I have witnessed this and reported … Continued

The Sneak Attack

This was a quick mumbling of “thank you sexY for being so sexy’ just as I was climbing into my boyfriend’s car. Typically I only get harassed when I’m alone (because some men respect other men and but only see women as their ‘property’ or some shit), so this was rare and exciting!….. He also … Continued

New submission from c !!

i was walking back from the grocery store wearing sweat pants and a winter jacket and blue knit tuk. nothing in the slightest provacative. not that its ok to harass anyone but still. no makeup. looked like crap. running grocery errands. well an older guy walking a bike wearing a yellow sweater, looked kinda scraggly … Continued


We are already gearing up for  April’s National Anti Street Harassment Week.  We have big things planned, all of which are a secret for right now – so please watch our Facebook for more details! In preparation, we want to remind Vancouver about our FREE Smart Phone App. We would really love to have MORE people … Continued

New Submission

[Title: Dirty men and bulldog on seawall] Two middle aged  men were sitting on a bench on the seawall with a bulldog. One guy said “I like your sunglasses”. I replied with “thanks”. He replied w “you’re welcome. It wouldn’t hurt if you smiled more”,after this comment I flipped my middle finger at him. He … Continued

way to speak up!

I got the courage to speak up when a skeaze said something completely out of line and sexual towards me. I read on some street harassment site to say “This is street harassment. I don’t like it. Nobody likes it. You need to stop right now”. So I said it. And he didn’t stop mouthing … Continued

Valentine Contest Honourable Mentions

As promised earlier in the week, we want to give shout outs to some of entries in our contest that didn’t win, but should still be out there, even if we don’t print them. We have prepared the files as a PDF for you to use digitally or with a second page to print double … Continued

Valentine Winners Part 2!

As promised, here are the other 2 winners in our  Feminist Valentines Contest! Remember you can buy all four and some other goodies for 10 dollars! Email [email protected] to place your order in time for Valentines day! We will have them in a few local stores by the end of the week as well.   … Continued

Valentines Contest Winners Part One

We don’t know about you, but we have a love / hate relationship with Valentines day. Reliant on heteronormative and outdated gender assumptions, this Hallmark Holiday says nothing about the daily realities of what it’s really like to feel love ,show love or avoid love in todays world. And when we say love we mean … Continued