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New submission from L!

Last week, I moved to New Westminster. I work in North Surrey, so I was excited to finally start enjoying walking and taking the train to work. Everyday this week, I have had to deal with street harassment at least once. Every time, it sticks with me and ruins the rest of my commute. It’s … Continued

The Sneak Attack

This was a quick mumbling of “thank you sexY for being so sexy’ just as I was climbing into my boyfriend’s car. Typically I only get harassed when I’m alone (because some men respect other men and but only see women as their ‘property’ or some shit), so this was rare and exciting!….. He also … Continued

Pervert in the #7 bus

I was heading towards 4th avenue from down town. I sat in front of the bus as I always do to avoid things like this one to happen ( realization: no matter where you are men or who you are with women are still in danger of an attack). The bus was packed. an older … Continued

Screaming man

Man screams at woman she is a stupid bitch and she will never find better. I disagree with that claim. Walk away girl!

Consistent verbal abuse from panhandler

There is an old panhandler who sits outside of London Drugs sometimes and, in his drunken stupor, shouts things at passerbys. His usual line is “I love you!” to everyone, but for some reason, when he sees me he typically gets more creative, shouting things like “I can smell you” “lift up your skirt” and, … Continued

What’s Your Number?

April is home to International Anti Street Harassment Week, which runs April 12-19th.  Here in Vancouver we are kicking it up a notch and running multiple events all month long – turning April into our BIGGEST MONTH YET!  We have campaigns, art shows, and an exciting collaboration to announce in the next 2 weeks!   … Continued

Cab Story from S.F

I called a cab to pick me up at my house and take me to a show at the Biltmore. About 3 minutes into the ride, the driver asked if I was an “escort.” I had him repeat the question 3 times, as I was not sure I heard him right. The third time he … Continued

Chesterfield Story

I was walking down first and chesterfield to meet my dad at a local park. I had my head down on my phone , an older man was sitting at a bus stop bench and whistled at me. He and his friend continued to laugh and I quickly went on my way . I’m 15.

Anne’s Story

I was walking home around 9pm and passed by the Legion at the corner of Alma & Broadway.   There are often people smoking around the building, but they usually don’t bother you. Tonight though, one man called at me, “Hey pretty girl.” I ignored him and kept walking.   A few second later I … Continued