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Riding the Heat Wave

As we approach the first of July, just days into summer, BC finds itself in the midst of a heat wave. You know what’s nice about the heat?  The satisfaction  that things like shade, swimming, patios,  cold brew coffee and Popsicles can bring. You know what isn’t so nice about the heat?  How stressful it … Continued

What’s Your Number?

April is home to International Anti Street Harassment Week, which runs April 12-19th.  Here in Vancouver we are kicking it up a notch and running multiple events all month long – turning April into our BIGGEST MONTH YET!  We have campaigns, art shows, and an exciting collaboration to announce in the next 2 weeks!   … Continued

International Women’s Day 2015 – Vancouver

This Sunday, March 8, will be International Women’s Day 2015. As a non-affiliated celebration, IWD looks to promote knowledge and awareness of the past and on-going struggle for women’s equality. Without dwelling on negativity, it also seeks to salute the hard-working feminists of the world for their diverse and dynamic labours. This year in Vancouver, … Continued