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Tune in to these Transit Tuesday Videos!

Transit Tuesday is here again!  Today we are sharing some videos that take a look at harassment In 2013 Hollaback! Philly ( Now Feminist Public Works) ran an advertising campaign on Philadelphia  trains to address harassment and sexual offending on transit. The video  below shows team members seeing the ads for the first time and … Continued

See Something Say Something

Here we are ….another Transit Tuesday! There are plenty of things about this campaign that make us happy. For example, the potential for a safer transit system,  or a chance to engage more of the community in our work to fight street harassment. Today,  logging onto our social media , I am the most excited … Continued

Riding the Heat Wave

As we approach the first of July, just days into summer, BC finds itself in the midst of a heat wave. You know what’s nice about the heat?  The satisfaction  that things like shade, swimming, patios,  cold brew coffee and Popsicles can bring. You know what isn’t so nice about the heat?  How stressful it … Continued

“I was headed to work on the bus. I was listening to music with my headphones and sitting in the row of seats where you face each other. I was the only sitting on the row and the rest of the seats were empty. A much older man got on and he sat in the … Continued

Hollaback! Vancouver and Metro Vancouver Transit Police team up to help end harassment on transit

  Part of ending street harassment is being an active bystander. As we approach Anti-Street Harassment Week, Hollaback! Vancouver and Metro Vancouver Transit Police (Transit Police) challenge you to do just that. April 13 is the official launch of an exciting new partnership between Hollaback! Vancouver and Transit Police which endeavours to raise awareness about … Continued

Geo’s Story

I was on the bus coming home from work and sat a couple seats away from 3 intoxicated men. One of them yelled, “Hey, you’re cute! Can I have a hug?” When I declined, he continued to try to force me into engaging in conversation. When I continued to ignore him, he sat in the seat next … Continued

I.A.’s Story

I was with my female partner at the time when we got off the Skytrain. Two guys, I believe it was after a BC Lions Game, ran up behind us and slapped me on the ass. When I screamed in shock and pain (I had a red welt on my rear end for days), one … Continued

Rem’s story

I was waiting at a bus stop with few people around at about 7pm on a weekday. I was looking in my bag for something, when I heard someone shouting ‘Ola!’ from a few feet away. I looked up to find the passenger in a moving company van staring my way and gesturing at me. … Continued